Water Clear Resins

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Alchemie have been leading the way in Water Clear resins for several years, with our Epoxy and Polyurethane systems being the system of choice for many industry leading professionals and enthusiasts.

Our Crystal Cast range of polyurethanes are used extensively throughout the Film Studios and Prop Making industry whilst also being the leading resin for many prototype and development companies.

The Water Clear Epoxy range also has a home in many commercial activities whilst proving very popular among those who want to create in their spare time.

Both the PU and EP systems are offered in a range, allowing users to select optimum pour volume, working times and cure speeds for their applications.

If you’re looking to make a small piece of jewellery, encapsulate a treasured item, make you own resin “River Table” or cast a 100kg sculpture, Alchemie have the expertise and knowledge to assist you.