Alchemie takes delivery of a new High-speed vacuum mixer and dissolver machine.

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Made in the Midlands member Alchemie has invested in its future by investing £70,000 in a new high-speed vacuum mixer machine at its Warwick site.

With the UK owned company having over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the Polymer Resin industry, the company was finding that it was encountering bottleneck issues in the production process, something caused by batch size productions.

As a result, it was having a direct knock-on effect of customer lead times slipping. Therefore the company, which formulates, manufactures and supplies Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin products, identified the need for a machine that could offer the flexibility of mixing volumes.

With the new machine, Alchemie has unlocked the ability to be adaptable in its approach to the mixing of both small and large mixing volumes. In turn, allowing them to increase their offering to clients in industry sectors such as Composites, Formula 1, Rail, Oil & Gas, Pattern-making, Foundry and Modelmaking.

But what will Alchemie use these new machines for? Their primary focus will be on using the machine for both filled and unfilled Epoxy resin formulations and filled and unfilled Polyurethane resin formulations.

The power of this new mixer will enable materials of both low and high viscosity to be mixed thoroughly while under vacuum. Resulting in a mix which is a smooth air void free material.

Cliff Jones, General Manager at Alchemie Limited, spoke about what this new machine will offer that the older machines do not, “With the development of specially designed attachments, the machine will give Alchemie Limited the flexibility in the mix volumes it can produce efficiently. This flexibility will reduce the bottleneck created in the production of materials, improve the overall manufacturing process and reduce customer lead times.”

Talking about what this unlocks for the company, Cliff went on to explain how this investment sets them up for the next decade, any beyond; “This purchase forms part of a large scale investment the company is embarking on to future proof our business and help us deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction in the coming years.”

If you want to know more about Alchemie Limited, you can visit their Microsite, or their LinkedIn and Twitter page. You’ll also be able to see them at the Made in the Midlands Exhibition on July 1st, 2020.