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Alchemie Ltd is a privately owned U.K company with over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the Polymer Resin industry. Our core business is the formulation and manufacture of Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin products. We also manufacture and supply RTV Silicone Rubber and Model board, plus a wide range of Ancillary products.

We export to over 50 different countries, and our products are used across a diverse selection of industry sectors which includes; Composites, Formula 1, Rail, Oil & Gas, Pattern-making, Foundry and Modelmaking.

Having our own in-house Research and Development facility enables us to offer our customers bespoke resin solutions to meet their own specific product requirements.

To optimise our manufacturing capacity we also operate a Toll manufacturing service for companies looking to outsource their product manufacture. This service is mainly targeted at Epoxy putty and paste materials, however, we have also provided low viscosity products.

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Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resins are ideally suited to applications requiring high strength, temperature resistance or chemical resistance. We produce a wide range of two-component epoxy systems for applications such as composites manufacture, tooling & mould making.

Polyurethane Resin

Polyurethanes are versatile materials that can be tailored for many different applications. A wide variety of hardness, cure speeds, viscosities, mechanical and thermal properties are possible.

Resin for Electronics

A range of high-performance polyurethane and epoxy resin systems specifically formulated for encapsulating and protecting electronics. A range of properties is available: high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance.


A range of Polyurethane and Epoxy Model boards for a range of modelling, prototyping and tooling applications.

RTV Silicone Rubber

Addition Cure and Condensation cure. Two component RTV Silicone rubbers for mould making. These high strength products produce durable moulds with excellent detail reproduction and allow repeated castings of parts in a variety of materials.

Ancillary Products

An extensive range of products and equipment to be used with Alchemie’s polyurethane and epoxy systems: pigments, fillers, release agents, fibre reinforcements, sheetwax, adhesives, safety equipment and application equipment.

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Specialists in formulation and manufacture of Epoxy Resin, Polyurethane Resin and Silicone Rubber.

  • December 2019
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  • 1987

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Warwick Road, Kineton, Warwick, CV35 0HU
Tel: 01926 641 600